Why Kingz
Why Kingz

Who is Kingz?

  • -The professional extrusion machinery manufacturer in China that provides high quality plastic equipment to China and global plastic industry.
    -An extrusion equipment turnkey solution provider.
    -An amazing new technology supplier.
    -A reliable and trustful partner.

  • Kingz manufactures variety of equipment for plastic industry ranging from raw materials handling, extrusion, to waste material recycling and granulating. Kingz's extrusion equipment has been exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and many other parts of the world.

  • As one of the capable turn-key extrusion solution providers, Kingz provides full life cycle services including planning, consulting, design, civil works, manufacturing, system integration, project management, installation, commissioning, training, commercial production and etc.

  • Kingz's product quality and technology application are at similar level to those of outstanding companies from Europe. As a result, Kingz won contracts from many globally well-known plastic production companies. Among Kingz's customers, all of them are keeping long-term busines relationship with Kingz.

  • Kingz has been expanding international business since its establishment. Overseas sales now accounts for about 60% of total sales volume. Besides China domestic market, Kingz products have been sold throughout Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Kenya, Thailand, Viet Nam and other areas such as Middle East, South Africa, South America ... At the same time, more and more Kingz overseas offices will be set up soon.

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