We’re prepared to get through this together
We’re prepared to get through this together
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Hidear valued friends and customers,

During times like these, nothing is more important than our health and our loved ones. On behalf of the Kingz team, I would like to start by wishing you, your families, and your teams good health during these difficult times.

We know that there is no way to put a pause on your business and that’s why I want to reassure you that our team is doing everything we can to support you. Even though today’s situation can hardly be described as “business as usual”, we will do our best to make it feel that way during our interactions with you. We are available for your calls, questions, and concerns.

As a global extrusion machinery supplier, we’ve been closely monitoring COVID-19 since its early stage. As a result, we’ve been able to take proactive measures to ensure we maintain the same level of platform accessibility as usual, and uninterrupted service to thousands of customers utilizing our services.

Thanks for your continued partnership with us. Our staff are working hard to supply high quality extrusion machines. We’re grateful to be a part of your business and we will get through this together.

Stay healthy,

Todd Zhou

Email: toddzhou@gmail.com

Mobile: +86 186 2102 6288

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